Sharon’s Fund

Sharon’s Fund

Sharon Baldwin-Crews is the co-author of the book My Chemo Cocktail & Me, and the co-founder of Care Pax & Co. which provides Care Pax, which are care packs of essential “tools” that women need to help them face their battle against breast cancer with courage and hope.  More on that in a minute.

So… who is Sharon, and why should you care?  Sharon was my (Bart’s) sister.  Her life was recently taken in a tragic vehicle accident.  In fact, just couple of days before I was ready to “go live” with this website our world was shaken to the core by her loss.  In addition to “just” being a wonderful sister whom I loved dearly, and one of my closest friends, she was also a huge inspiration to literally hundreds of people across the country.  She was, and is my hero!  That’s just the tip of the ice-burg as they say, about who Sharon was to me.

Why you should care… Sharon was a 15+ years survivor of breast cancer, and she had a heart for “paying it forward” by helping other women face their battle against breast cancer by being armed with the knowledge gained by other women who have walked that path before them… just as others had helped Sharon in get through her own twisted journey of Chemo and Radiation treatment.  To this end Sharon wrote the book My Chemo Cocktail & Me with her friend, fellow breast cancer survivor and co-author, Lucy Gross.  Her book is really more of a guide to help “Bringing Order, Peace, and Joy to a Twisted Adventure”.  In addition to the book, Sharon and Lucy created the Got Your Back Pax care packs which is full of all the “tools” that women need to walk into their first treatment armed with the knowledge of others who had already walked that path, to give them confidence, courage and hope… and even joy.

So, what is Sharon’s Fund?  Sharon’s Fund is a program I created to use the savings we gain by using less expensive bags (vs fancy custom bags) to help provide Got Your Back Pax care packs and My Chemo Cocktail & Me books to women who need them. With each purchase our customers make, we will apply a portion of the sale to Sharon’s Fund.  The money we raise will be donated to the My Chemo Cocktail & Me book and the Got Your BackPax care pack program.  With each purchase our customers will be contributing to positively impacting women’s lives through Sharon’s mission.

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If you would like to find out more about Sharon, what she meant to me and MANY others, as well as her mission to help women face their battle agains breast cancer, read my blog post about the introduction of Sharon’s Fund with the introduction of our new bags…

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