How do you save money with Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club?

In addition to the shear convenience of automatically receiving your favorite coffee delivered right to your doorstep each and every month as a Coffee Club member (which is incentive enough to join our coffee club), you will also SAVE MONEY right from the start..!!!  AND you save even more with each purchase you make?

Let us count the ways you save…

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Way that you save #1… When you subscribe to Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club you select the coffee of your choice to be delivered to you monthly and it’s shipped to you for just $2.50.  That’s less than HALF of the standard shipping cost of a “normal/non-subscription” order (which is normally $5.25).  But that’s just the beginning of your savings as a Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club member.  Read on…

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Way that you save #2… As a Coffee Club member, when you buy our coffee online through our “Shop” you will get 10% off each additional purchase of any of our 12oz and/or sample bags, and 5% off of our 5lb. bags and/or merchandise items.  Buy any of our coffees and you’ll pay just $10.80 per 12oz bag vs. the normal price of $12.00.  Want to subscribe to a second variety of coffee?  Your second subscription will be 10% off as well.  The only exceptions to the Coffee Club discount will be items that we occasionally run with deep discounted sale prices, but that is rare.  As a Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club member your 10% discount will apply to most sale items.

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Way that you save #3… As a Coffee Club member you qualify for a seriously discounted shipping rate of just $2.50 for all orders that have a subtotal of less than $30.  That’s less than half the price that non Coffee Club members pay for shipping.  And there’s even more ways to save on shipping as a club member… read on.

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Way that you save #4… The “per order sub-total amount” to qualify for FREE SHIPPING is reduced for Coffee Club members, to just “$30 or more per order”.  Non Coffee Club customers have to purchase at least $35 to qualify for free shipping.

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Way that you save #5… So you don’t ever want to pay shipping?  Well, as a Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club member that’s very possible!  Club members who have spent at least $25 in the previous 30 days (including subscriptions) qualify for free shipping.  So, if you’ve spent at least $25 in the past month then shipping for your next order will be FREE..!!!  This carries over month to month, so as long as you have spent at least $25 in the previous rolling month, then your shipping remains FREE..!!!


So, to recap… Join Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Club by subscribing to one or more your favorite varieties of our Crazy Good Coffee and save, save, save, save save…!!!  That’s FIVE ways that you save just by subscribing to your favorite coffee!  Does it really get any better than that?  We don’t think so!

Thanks – Bart

Note: The prices listed above are current prices as of the time of the writing of this blog post.  Prices are subject to adjustment over time.