The Dark Side

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“The Dark Side” is our premium Vienna (dark) roasted coffee blend, and it’s a favorite for our customers who prefer deep, dark roast flavor without any of the bitterness that is often associated with dark roast coffees.  The Dark Side is a dark roast that is sweet, fruity and nutty with spice undertones, finished with a smooth dark roast smokiness.
Try it and we think you will agree that The Dark Side truly is a very special coffee that is indeed… CRAZY GOOD..!!!


“The Dark Side” (a “Straight-Up Coffee”) is a premium espresso blend of coffee beans that take a dark roast extremely well without taking on the scorched bitterness that is usually found in such dark roasted coffee.  And, because it’s a dark roast it’s naturally low in caffeine so it’s an excellent choice for an evening coffee.
For our customers who prefer dark roasted coffee, but aren’t a fan of the bitterness often found in dark roast coffees, give The Dark Side a try and we think you’ll agree that it really is… CRAZY GOOD..!!!
FYI… This coffee is in our “Straight Up Coffee” line-up which means that it is a 100% Arabica coffee (no flavor enhancers, just coffee) for our customers who prefer a more straightforward forward approach to coffee. If you are more of a purist and prefer straight-up coffee without any flavor enhancers (extracts, etc.) then our “Straight Up Coffee” line-up is what you are looking for. [Tag: Straight Up Coffee, Blend, Premier, Vienna, Dark, Full City+, 100% Arabica, Cocoa, Fruit, Nutty, Smokey]

Additional information

Weight 12.65 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 5 × 10 in
Package Size

K-Cups Box of 12, 12 oz Bag, 2 lb Bag, 5 lb Bag

Grind Option

Whole Beans, Ground (Drip)

5 reviews for The Dark Side

  1. Kc-case

    So yummy! Such a delicious flavor and aroma. I had the pack in my desk at work and kept picking it up to sniff it all day!

  2. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Good flavor and mild blend.
    Is one of your other blends stronger? I like STRONG coffees!

    • Bart’s Coffee

      Thanks for the feedback! We always appreciate it when customers let us know what they think of our coffee. As we roll out new coffee verities and new roasts we definitely will be looking into developing a “very strong” coffee for those who want something in that category. As a new roasting company we are working hard to provide the best coffee possible in each category that we sell, and to provide a wide verity of offerings as well. Give us a little time and we will have something more amlong the lines of what you are looking for as we fill out our lineup.

  3. Jill (verified owner)

    Yummo!!! You rock!

  4. David Smith (verified owner)

    It has a hint of something I can not identify, but it makes the coffee more pleasant

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)


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