O.M.G. – Fire & Ice (formerly “O.M.G. Iced Koffee”)

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O.M.G. Iced Koffee is now available..!!!   O.M.G. Iced Koffee is a special blend designed specifically to be poured over ice.  It’s really good hot too, but it’s FANTASTIC over ice!  O.M.G. Iced Koffee is a summertime treat with all the delicious goodness that folks have come to love in our O.M.G. signature coffee.  O.M.G. has been described as settling down next to a warm fireplace at a cabin in the woods. We like to think of it as hearth and home… in a cup of coffee. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s called “O.M.G.“!
O.M.G. Iced Koffee truly is a very special summertime coffee that is, without a doubt… CRAZY GOOD..!!!


“O.M.G.” is the coffee that started it all for Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee..!!!

“O.M.G. – Fire & Ice” is here..!!!  (FYI… formerly known as “O.M.G. Iced Koffee”)  O.M.G. Fire & Ice is a special blend of our #1 coffee (O.M.G. – Original) roasted specifically to be the perfect coffee for serving over ice!  It’s O.M.G. goodness OVER ICE, and it’s DELICIOUS..!!!  FYI… It’s also a great HOT COFFEE too!
O.M.G. – Fire & Ice is based on O.M.G. Original, which is gently infuse with our own proprietary blend of specialty coffee flavor enhancers (100% organic, non-allergenic) to perfectly complement the natural deep chocolate/cocoa and smokey flavors of the beans.  Because of the natural properties in coffee that tend to weaken when poured over ice, we’ve formulated O.M.G. Fire & Ice to add back a little extra coffee flavor kick by blending our O.M.G. Original with some of our dark roasted coffees to yield the perfect blend when served over ice.  [Tag: OMG original, dark, specialty, flavored, 100% Arabica]
About O.M.G. – It’s called “O.M.G.” because that’s the most common reaction folks have the first time they get a whiff of the awesome aroma (and taste) of this special blend of flavors.  It’s so good it made a coffee drinker out of our founder, Bart, who didn’t drink coffee for the first 50+ years of his life!  After discovering a coffee blend that was not only (in Bart’s opinion) “tolerable”, but in fact pretty good… he set out to develop a specialty blend that he really enjoyed.  After much experimentation, trial and error… what resulted was this wonderful coffee we call O.M.G.

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Weight 12.65 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in
Package Size

K-Cups Box of 12, 12 oz Bag, 2 lb Bag, 5 lb Bag

Grind Option

Whole Beans, Ground (Drip)

4 reviews for O.M.G. – Fire & Ice (formerly “O.M.G. Iced Koffee”)

  1. Krista Phelps (verified owner)

    This is a great blend! As good as OMG original. I have made it iced and hot. It’s simply wonderful both ways.

  2. Jennifer Day (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and OMG the coffee beans are amazing!!!!

  3. Jennifer Day (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and OMG the coffee beans are amazing!!!!

  4. Kathy Livingston (verified owner)

    The best iced coffee

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