We are making some changes around here… (and this is no April fools joke)

Today, April 1, 2019, we are making a major change to the packaging size for our coffee.  We are changing from the 1 lb. bags we’ve been offering to a new 12 oz. bag.  Read on to find out why we are making this change.

In an effort to incorporate retail sales at various retail locations we’ve had to make a decision to change the packaging of our coffee to better fit the retail marketplace. By far the most common retail packaging for coffee is 12 oz. packages (vs 1 lb. which w’ve been offering). Regarding costs, this change offers several advantages, while at the same time presenting a new challenge or two.

The biggest advantage by far is that the reduction in packaging weight will allow the coffee to be shipped at a much lower shipping cost for a single package of coffee (which is the quantity most often bought and shipped). The shipping for a single package of coffee will be reduced by almost HALF..!!!  Also, the reduction in the packaging size allows for the price overall to be lower which makes the purchasing of a single package more appealing to our customers (since the overall price is reduced).

The one slight challenge that the new smaller packaging size presents is that the overall cost of packaging materials will increase on a “per ounce” basis. This means that the price per ounce has increased a little to compensate for the increase in packaging costs.

We truly hope you understand why we’ve made these changes and that, overall… you will see the many advantages that they will provide you and all our other customers moving forward.