A day of remembrance, gratitude and celebration!

To show our profound gratitude for the ultimate sacrifices that so many have given so that we may live in a free country and reap the many blessings in which that freedom provides, we are taking 20% off all coffee sales this Memorial Day weekend.

We realize that Memorial Day is a day of solemn remembrance for the lives that have been sacrificed so that we may live in freedom, and to that end “Memorial Day Sales” may seem, well… a bit too celebratory. To that, I (Bart) say… ABSOLUTELY we are celebrating!  To be clear, we are first and foremost grateful!  But we also celebrate the freedom for which these sacrifices have been made.

Yes, we should all take time to quietly remember those who have fallen in the service of their country… for us! We should also take joy in knowing that their sacrifices provide us all with tremendous opportunities and the freedom to live life to its fullest!  It that isn’t worth celebrating I don’t know what is!

So, raise a glass in remembrance of those who have given all for our freedom, but also give a cheers to the victory of freedom for which they have sacrificed!  Our “sale” is our way of giving thanks, of celebrating and being joyful… for the freedoms that we have thanks to their sacrifices!

To take advantage of the 20% OFF sale, use coupon code:   MEMORIALDAY2019


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