20190222-01 - March Madness Give-a-way2

March Madness Give-a-way

On March 31, 2019 (just after noon) we will be giving away a LOT of... BART'S CRAZY GOOD COFFEE..!!! For FREE..!!!!!

  • GRAND PRIZE - One lucky winner will receive...  FIVE POUNDS of BART'S CRAZY GOOD COFFEE..!!!
  • RUNNER-UP PRIZES - Three winners will each receive...ONE POUND of BART'S CRAZY GOOD COFFEE..!!!

The rules are simple...

  • The winners for the give-a-way will be drawn from all customers who have ever made a purchase from our online store.
    • One entry for each purchase made.
    • And... FIVE ENTRIES for joining BART'S CRAZY GOOD COFFEE CLUB..!!!

The more you enjoy
Bart's Crazy Good Coffee,
the better your odds are...
...of WINNING!