SALE HAS ENDED..!!! – HUGE 20/20 Decaf Sale..!!!

We are WAY overstocked with too many decaf coffee beens in our inventory and we need to make some room… so we thought, how better to bring our inventory down AND get more people to try our CRAZY GOOD DECAF COFFEE than to run a HUGE sale!  From now until the end of February (or until we run out of supplies) we are taking 20% OFF all decaf coffees, and then we are taking ANOTHER 20% OFF!  That’s the lowest we’ve ever sold any of our coffee for on a long running sale like this!

So from now until the end of February you can pick up one of our two Crazy Good decaf coffees for just $7.68 per 12oz bag.  Or save even more by buying a 5lb. bag for as low as $41.60! (That works out to equal just $6.24 per 12oz)

And just a word about our Crazy Good Decaf coffee… We searched high and low to find an excellent decaf coffee, which was a challenge… but we finally landed on a Brazilian decaf coffee that has excellent coffee taste retention event hough it’s decaf!  We offer two decaf options… UNLEADED (Decaf) and O.M.G. Decaf. Find out more about each by clicking on the links below.


O.M.G. Decaf

Hurry and get yours today… while supplies last!